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Welcome to mrs fabrics… we sell modern jersey

Welcome to our store! Browse for your favourite jersey knit fabrics right here. We stock our jerseys here in UK for quick and easy dispatch. Top quality, rich in cotton with a bit of a stretch, jerseys are perfect for making clothing. With a nice feel our fleece- or loop backed jersey knit fabrics are perfect for our little ones. But what makes us unique? THE PATTERN. Choose from our lovely printed patterns like very popular panda, zebra, cactus, unicorns, penguins, foxes, raindrops and many more… Kids love these. OK… we love making unique clothes for them. That’s what makes our fabrics so popular… simple uniqueness. 

We’re on Etsy!!! Click here to visit mrs fabrics Etsy shop. << If buying from outside UK, you may be better off buying through out Etsy store.>> No account needed.

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