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So what is sweatshirt fabric?

I love #sweatshirt. I love wearing it, love the way it feels and looks. Love the fact it doesn’t have to be ironed and that it washes easily. Love that it keeps me warm on the cold winter days and that it’s light and breathable on the warm ones. I wear it throughout the whole year. Always in my wardrobe. I make tops from it, #sweatshirts, #harems, #leggings, skirts, dresses, soft cuddly toys, cushions, headbands, surfs and hats.

It took me a while to find sweatshirt fabric in lovely designs and rich in cotton at the same time. I’ve been #sewing clothes for my children and wanted fabric in patterns that would make my kids to look unique and stylish. But most importantly so they feel comfortable and not sweating.

So as I found the perfect one I started making clothes for myself, for my children, for other kids in my family, for my friends’ kids, for friends of my friend’s children and so on and on … Any fabric leftovers I would sell in small quantities. Then the buyers kept asking me if I had more of printed sweatshirts or if I had other designs. So that’s how mrs fabrics was born. A simple need for an unique, good quality, easy to sew and care for material. Which is exactly what we need these days, right?

But what is a #sweatshirt #fabric?

Sweatshirt is the material that sweat pants, and sweat shirts are made of... just kidding. It's a double-knit cotton blend with a little stretch in it. Jersey knit on one side with a brushed or loop backed surface on the inside, making it so nice and comfy. Usually made of a cotton/polyester blend. They come in various colours or with printed patterns. Sweatshirt became synonymous with comfort and casual wear. The composition of sweatshirt material starts from 230 g/m2 to 340 g/m2.

Of course life would be boring if sweatshirt was all we wear, that’s why we also offer other fabrics: Dimple dot plush in fantastic colours – the best choice for making baby blankets, cushions or soft toys and single jerseys, perfect for making lighter clothing such as t-shirts, leggings or PJs.

I can’t wait what the future brings! So much to be discovered as new patterns are being introduced all the time. Hope you’ll enjoy sweatshirt as much as I do.